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  • When school is in session and SHCA teams are using the gym for practices and games there is a good chance that we will have to adjust any renters use of the gym. The needs of the school always take priority.
  • For information on scheduling for the SHCA Gym at St. Anne contact Rich Unger (SHCA Athletic Director,
  • For information on rental rates for the SHCA Gym at St. Anne contact Harmony Stewart (SHCA Principal, .
  • Always check the SHCA Gym at St. Anne calendar to see if you still have your gym time before you go to the gym! The schools use of the gym changes often and emails or phone calls do not always go out about it.
  • Starting October 15, the SHCA Winter and Spring sports (Basketball, Cheer and Boys Volleyball) take over most of the weekday late afternoon and evening gym times until 9:00 PM and Saturdays throughout the day. The SHCA Winter sports usually wrap up in early to late April.
  • To schedule gym time contact Rich Unger (SHCA Athletic Director, The calendar does not let you reserve gym time yourself.

Gym Calendar

Use this link to open the gym calendar in its own, larger window for better viewing: SHCA Gym at St. Anne.

Paying Rental Fees

  • When paying the rental fee, you should make checks out to "South Hills Catholic Academy". If you are mailing a rental payment please send it to the attention of the school principal, Harmony Stewart, at:
    South Hills Catholic Academy
    550 Sleepy Hollow Rd.
    Suite 2
    Pittsburgh PA 15228
    Attn: Harmony Stewart

Using the Gym

  • The gym light switches are on the wall on the right side of the stage. Do not touch any of the switches in the electrical cabinets on the same wall. See the photo on the bottom of this page.
  • There are 2 large Air Handlers (ceiling exhaust fans) in the gym. The on-off switches are above the gym light switches.
  • There are three small fans for use on the floor in the gym. They may be stored in the closet at the back of the gym. They do help on the hot days.
  • No chewing gum in the gym. If you have chewing gum throw it in the trash - please do not jam it into a corner somewhere!
  • Please, no dark soled shoes or street shoes - they leave streaks on the floor.
  • Only use the service door (where the FOB reader is) to enter and exit the gym. Do not use the other exterior doors.

When You Are Done

  • Throw away all water bottles, wrappers, etc. before you leave. Leave the gym in decent shape for the next user.
  • There is a microfiber dust mop in the janitors closet next to the girl's restroom to clean the floor if needed. If you do clean the floor, please do not leave the dirt in a corner. There is a broom and dustpan in the janitor closet for sweeping up dirt piles.
  • Turn off the three small floor fans if you used them. Do not unplug them - just use the on-off dial on the back of the fan.
  • Turn off the Air Handlers (ceiling exhaust fans). The on-off switches are above the gym light switches.
  • If you moved the players chairs and scorer's table, put them back where they were. We have them arranged for school events.
  • If you brought out any metal chairs from the racks by the girls restroom, put them back.
  • Turn off all the lights in the gym (see image below), the restrooms and in the hallway where you enter the gym (The hallway light switch is on the wall by the cafeteria door).
  • If you used the gym speakers turn them off using the switch on the stage (see image below).
  • Make sure you close and lock the entry door (where the FOB reader is) and any other external doors you may have opened. Check the doors twice and make sure they are locked - some doors stick and you need to forcefully pull them shut.

Gym Light and Fan Switches

Gym Speakers Power Switch



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